Faten Hamama film festival : 

it is an independent film festival that aims to support the talented filmmakers to make more movies and to screen their movies all over the world, the festival organized at may from every year.

We have two competitions:

  • Short international competition( max  30 min )
  • Long int. comp ( fiction, animation, documentaries ) 

panorama: we screen classic movies and other movies out of the comp. 

we accept movies from all over the world, for a week  we screen at Cairo and the winner films screened many places as:

– Inside Egypt: Cairo, Mansoura, Alex, Banysouef, Ismailia, and Kafr el sheik

– Arab countries: Khartoum, Sudan, Syria 

–  abroad: Rome, Burkina Faso, and Finland

we are willing to let the movies screen all over the world to let them communicate through movies 

next year will be the third edition  also we have two days on other months we make children film festival for one day in November, la femme short film festival inMarch 

– the festival organized by Magica house company ( my company ) 

 – the founder of the festival Maggie Anwer 

if you have any question please don’t hesitate and we are happy about that cooperation